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For the best commercial inspection services in Orange County, CA, and the surrounding areas, look no further than Anarumo Inspection Services. Schedule now at (310) 925-6664 and see the status of the commercial property you plan to buy, sell, or maintain.

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Top-Notch Commercial Inspections

At Anarumo Inspection Services, we base our commercial inspections on Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA) standards. We also understand that commercial properties are different from residential properties, so we customize each commercial property inspection to the building.

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What Every Commercial Building Inspector Will Examine

The commercial building inspector, our staff, or any consultant we hire may perform any portion of our inspection process. We’ll inspect a variety of systems in the building, including:

Our team checks roof coverings, structures, gutter systems, and other roof attributes for signs of damage.
Includes an inspection of the siding, exterior doors, decks, windows, exterior lighting, landscaping, and any other repair needs or safety issues.
We thoroughly examine every critical aspect, including deck and balcony stability, paint condition, and rust.
Structural damage is costly, so we’ll report signs of damage, penetration, and structural and safety concerns.
We’ll check that heating and cooling systems, gas meter installations, piping systems, and outdoor exhaust outlets are in working condition.
After we identify the main water shut-off valve and verify the presence of a back-flow prevention device, we’ll thoroughly check water-heating equipment, flush toilets, test water, examine sump pumps, and more.
Our inspectors will check for correct wiring and safety, including unused circuit-breaker panel openings, missing or damaged faceplates, functionality of switches, lighting fixtures, receptacles, and anything else that sparks in your building.
We’ll note deficiencies in the lintel, hearth, or material surrounding the fireplace and check if fireplaces are readily accessible and operable. Per our policies, we do not check the flue or vent system, operate gas fireplace inserts, or determine the need for a chimney sweep.
From walls and ceilings to steps, stairways, and railings, we’ll check interior areas that will see regular use.
Does the property clearly show the address? Are there enough fire alarm systems on the premises? Life safety is all about identifying compliance with basic safety standards.
If your commercial property has a cooking area, we’ll assess the kitchen area, including appliances, exhaust systems, and appropriate outlet locations to prevent safety and fire hazards.

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Why Choose Anarumo Inspection Services

  • We adhere to codes of practice and ethics to ensure the best service.
  • Staffed by in-house InterNACHI-trained and Certified Master Inspectors.
  • Provide detailed, easy-to-understand reports so customers can make informed decisions.
  • Our team takes a client-focused approach and offers flexible scheduling options.
  • Comprehensive inspection services for homes and commercial properties.

Customers love who we are because of our smooth and worry-free process. We do our work with integrity, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions. View our sample reports to learn what to expect.

Contact Us: Your Safety Is Our Priority

The experts at Anarumo Home Inspections gladly customize commercial inspection services to each customer’s needs. Every property is unique, so why wouldn’t an inspection be special? We’re also pros at additional assessments, including services for home sellers, new constructions, and home buyers. Contact us at (310) 925-6664 when you’re ready to buy or sell your next commercial property. We’re located in Orange County, CA, and serve the surrounding areas, including Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles counties, and the cities of Anaheim, Huntington Beach, LA, and Santa Ana.

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