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At Anarumo Inspection Services, we understand the importance of knowing the complete picture of a property’s condition before insuring it. Our dedicated team of professionals carries out quality insurance inspection services in Orange County, CA, and the surrounding areas. Schedule now at (310) 925-6664.

Why 4-Point Inspection Services?

One essential service Anarumo Inspection Services offers is the 4-point inspection. This examination focuses on four critical areas of a property:

We assess the condition, age, and maintenance history. Potential problems like outdated systems or signs of corrosion drive up insurance risks and costs.
Our team looks at wiring, breakers, and fuses to ensure they meet current safety standards. Outdated wiring can increase the chances of a fire, making this part of the inspection crucial.
Water damage is a considerable risk for insurance. We examine pipes and plumbing systems, looking for leaks, rust, or outdated materials that can lead to substantial water damage.
The type of roofing, material, age, and overall condition factor heavily in our inspections. A well-maintained roof can significantly reduce the insurance risk on a property.
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The Insurance Inspection Process

Residential and commercial insurance inspection companies like ours will follow a systematic process that leaves no area unexamined:

  • Scheduling and Planning. We begin by scheduling an appointment at your convenience and plan the inspection itinerary based on the structure and features of your property.
  • On-Site Inspection. Our certified inspector visits the site, thoroughly reviews the four key areas, and uses advanced tools for accurate and impartial evaluations.
  • Data Analysis and Report Compilation. After data collection, we review everything and compile a comprehensive report outlining our findings, complete with recommendations.
4 point inspection services in orange county ca

When You Should Hire Insurance Inspection Companies

Insurance inspection companies benefit property owners who plan to buy a new policy, renew their old policy, check that alterations are up to code, and file a claim.

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Why Choose Anarumo Inspection Services

  • We adhere to codes of practice and ethics to ensure the best service.
  • Staffed by in-house InterNACHI-trained and Certified Master Inspectors.
  • Provide detailed, easy-to-understand reports so customers can make informed decisions.
  • Our team takes a client-focused approach and offers flexible scheduling options.
  • Comprehensive inspection services for homes and commercial properties.

Customers love who we are because of our smooth and worry-free process. We do our work with integrity, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions. View our sample reports to learn what to expect.

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Invest in protecting your property with insurance inspection services from Anarumo Inspection Services. Contact us at (310) 925-6664 to tell us your needs. We are located in Orange County, CA, and serve the surrounding counties of Riverside, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles, and the cities of Anaheim, Huntington Beach, LA, Santa Ana, and beyond.

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